Minutes 10th April 2018

Here are the minutes for the meeting held on the 10th April. The minutes of the June meeting will be published shortly.

A residents' group for the local area

The REACH Community Group is a way for local residents to exchange information with local councillors and police services.

REACH stands for Residents of Edgeley And Cheadle Heath and is open to any person living in the area covered by the map shown below.

The group meets every other month, on the FIRST TUESDAY, 7 - 8pm. The group meets at the Alexandra Pub on Northgate Road.

6th February, 10th April, 5th June, 7th August, 2nd October, 4th December

Please note that this group was formerly known as NORRA (Northgate Road Residents' Association).

If you live within the boundaries of this map, you are welcome to attend the REACH Community Group meeting.